Services Overview



Individual Therapy

Currently I am not in a private practice setting and cannot accept new clients. However, I am working in a clinical setting and offer coaching services below.


Coaching - transition support

As an individual who has had to navigate transition I understand how scary it could be to go through the steps alone. From helping to find a provider to attending the appointments as an advocate I hope to be able to:

  • Help connect individuals with providers for both mental health, physical health and social welfare needs.

  • Help individuals find social support through connection to support groups and networking events.

  • Attend appointments with individuals as a support system and health advocate in order to make sure their needs are being met.

  • Provide a safe space to process feelings, “vent”, celebrate milestones and cheer individuals on through whatever challenges they may face during the initial stages of transition.


Coaching - HIV/STI Related issues

Going through HIV and STI testing can be incredibly frightening for some individuals. Sometimes it’s hard to ask someone to come with for fear of embarrassment and shame. It is my hope to provide support and guidance through what could be the scariest moment in someone’s life. This can look like:

  • Attending testing and receiving of results with a client.

  • Processing results - whether good or bad - and helping to stay grounded in the moment.

  • Planning treatment if testing positive.

  • Attending treatment appointments.

  • Coming up with ways for the client to practice harm reduction and safety planning for the future.

My services are always growing and changing, so please check back or call with any questions. I’m always able to adapt a coaching plan to your needs and budget.